Helping to drive the evolution of your product

In an evolving environment where technology transforms and sometimes becomes obsolete overnight, your challenge to remain relevant and competitive has never been more critical. Whether you are translating an idea to reality, exploring a new market or catering to increased demand, the available time to bring a game-changing solution to market has never been shorter.

On top of these constraints, budgets are increasingly tighter and the need is to do more with less is paramount.

At ThoughtFocus, we specialize in the art of building products. Building high-quality products faster and more efficiently is what we do time and again. With over a decade of experience crafting superior quality products in the software and the embedded space, we have built a practice that can complement your team and provide your business with a distinct market advantage.

Our product engineering team considers this field an art and science, not just an extension of regular application development. When you engage ThoughtFocus, we bring well-established product development practices and processes via a dedicated team that knows how to craft software and hardware destined for sale, not just deployment.

When designing the architecture, algorithmic components or other aspects of the product, we continually work with you identifying your core intellectual property “the secret sauce”, what differentiates the product and is intellectually most important. We focus on enhancing that core and keeping it proprietary. For non-core aspects, we evaluate available existing market solutions in accelerating development.

We have extensive software, hardware, firmware, and mechanical product engineering knowledge. Our long list of reference clients are examples of our skills and domain expertise.

Many of the products we have designed in the payments, aerospace, and manufacturing industries include hardware and mechanical components, fully integrated to control software.

ThoughtFocus can fully support your existing and new product development efforts and provide coverage for deployed versions while your in-house engineering teams work on future generations and related new products.

A separate and additional service is our end-to-end comprehensive Level 1 and Level 2 support functions.  These open bandwidth within your teams.

As a trusted partner, we work to give you a competitive edge in your markets while helping you control the ever increasing costs of creating market-ready software and hardware solutions.