Profile Preeti Kamboj Finance Associate Gurgaon

Preeti is a Finance Associate who transitioned her expanding skills and capabilities from a Big 4 consulting firm to ThoughtFocus.

What has been your career with ThoughtFocus like?

My ThoughtFocus career has been truly encouraging and a great learning experience. Working as part of a relatively new setup, the organization has provided me with continuing opportunities to greatly enhance my technical as well as personal skills.

The Company’s management and my direct line of business manager are extremely supportive, giving me ownership of my responsibilities. This greatly helps me achieve better productivity; increase my sense of belonging while improving morale. Moving from a Big 4 consulting firm to industry, the decision has been truly rewarding from a work life balance.

What has been the most challenging work or project you have done?

With my travel planned during the busiest time of the quarter, the Singapore business trip for quarter end closing was by far the most challenging. Adding to this, I was receiving training on typical quarter end activities as well supporting the onshore team by performing actual work on those activities within quarter end timelines.

Given the short time and work complexity, I was still able to make the Singapore trip, owing to the extremely supportive attitude and well-planned training and review plans of the on-shore team.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I truly enjoy my work, as every day there are personal and professional learning opportunities. Being an accountant by profession, I wanted to work on responsibilities and in an area aligning with my education.

My ongoing and continuous interactions with the onshore team helped them identify and recognize my interests. I have always been assigned projects closely reflecting my expanding talents and capabilities. This keeps me motivated and gets me going through complex times.

What is a typical day for you at ThoughtFocus?

Monday mornings are exciting as we meet with the onshore team via a scheduled conference call. During the meeting, everyone is encouraged to discuss deliverables and priorities for the coming week. We do this to ensure the balance of the week is well organized and the team effectively uses efficient time management; thereby avoiding any Friday evening surprises.

Throughout the week I and the other team members are delivering tasks, doing peer reviews, and getting feedback from the onshore team. Each day we do various training and discussion calls with this team, helping us expand our activity lists as well as getting process and task clarifications.

Last but not the least, daily we maintain and update a “Jira Task list”; ensuring we are on the top of every allocated task and working with the onshore team, tracking and gauging our bandwidth with regards to work allocation and priorities.

I truly enjoy my work, as every day there are personal and professional learning opportunities.