Managing a complex evolving business environment

ThoughtFocus understands financial services. Our consultants have deep experience in helping large and mid-sized institutions adapt to a changing environment and can bring that expertise to your programs with specific emphasis on enabling core processes, policies and procedures via technology. We can work with you to help frame a problem and to define and execute a solution. We excel at bridging business and technology organizations to establish consensus before a single line of code is written or the first business process is outsourced.

ThoughtFocus has worked with clients across the financial services landscape. On the sell-side, we focus predominantly on operations, risk, and regulatory compliance initiatives but have also worked on projects in the front office and in investment banking. On the buy-side, again our focus since 2008 has been in the areas of risk, regulatory compliance, and operations but we are also comfortable helping with research and portfolio construction and management applications.

Building on our relationship with Blackstone, we have executed a range of initiatives across alternative investments, with a specific focus on the private equity space. ThoughtFocus also has extensive experience in retail mortgage origination and is working with clients in other areas of credit, including wholesale and retail lending.

We also see a significant opportunity for financial services firms to reduce costs, improve flexibility and reduce security risk through the adoption of public cloud infrastructure and have been working with clients to more clearly define what they need to own and what they should let other manage on their behalf.

Business areas in which we focus include regulatory compliance and surveillance, market, credit and liquidity risk, treasury services, back office systems and operations including accounting, market data management, sales support and CRM platforms, data analytics, visualization and reporting, large-scale data architectures and mobile enablement of workforces and customers.

If you have the dual challenge of trying to do a lot more with a lot less, we can help you meet your goals.