ThoughtFocus brings nearly 20 years of experience in providing advanced and technology enabled solutions and services to a broad range of banking and mortgage servicer clients. We are a recognized leader and trusted advisor to clients who rely on us to implement optimized workflow processes and balanced automation. ThoughtFocus provides clients with the most cost effective and efficient solutions to maximize production and reduce internal costs without disrupting client operations and personnel.

Mortgage Services Portfolio

  • Loan Origination and Processing
  • Workflow Process Optimization
  • Post-Close Auditing and Reporting
  • Quality Control Auditing and Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting
  • Customer Support and Advocacy Services
  • Customer Retention and Loyalty Program Services
  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Services

We partner with industry leading technology providers to deliver innovative solutions to address the full lifecycle of mortgage lending services.

Technology Services Portfolio

  • We partner with industry leader, Imagine Solutions, to deliver OCR solutions, loan origination and processing solutions
  • We work with leading vendors in document management and enterprise content
    management including leading LOS providers
  • We have developed a proprietary chatbot application framework that enables voice to text commends using natural language processing (NLP) and IBM Watson cognitive
    computing capabilities
  • Our AccueBot tools can be applied to any process workflow to achieve efficiency gains through robotic process automation (RPA)
  • We have extensive experience working with leading enterprise data warehouse
    providers and Business Intelligences solution providers
  • We partner with leading mortgage analytics solution providers to deploy predictive analytics solutions and other analytic solutions for operational insights

The business of providing clients with responsive and high quality financial products and services has become increasingly complex. advances in technology, introduction of innovative new loan products, and increased regulatory compliance have all contributed. At ThoughtFocus, our approach is to keep things simple with well balanced and non-disruptive services and technology solutions to support our clients customer experience from start to finish.

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