Deep Payment and Loyalty industry knowledge and domain expertise

For 10 plus years, ThoughtFocus has been using its deep business knowledge and domain expertise to fully serve a wide range of Payment and Loyalty companies. Throughout, our professionals have architected, developed, deployed, and supported innovative industry leading payment and loyalty solutions.  As such this has gained the confidence of a major private equity firm to fund and drive our future Practice and solution development.

We deliver mission-critical enterprise scale, custom built turnkey software solutions and support services including acquiring and issuing, fleet card authorization, and alternate payment systems, loyalty programs, mobile payment, and other custom solutions.

Our breadth of experience is highlighted by the fact we have continually grown our hands-on experience in every stage of the payment transaction life-cycle. Starting from Point-of-Sale to acquiring, issuing, routing, and integration with major card networks, we have successfully executed multi-phased projects and hence are in a position to bring this wealth of knowledge to your company’s benefit.

As a ThoughtFocus client, you will fully benefit from our services and capabilities.

  • Whether building a new or existing product or service, we provide the complete solution lifecycle from concept to post-deployment.  Often we will work with your IP, integrating our solution into yours.
  • If you prefer a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, we can host, completely build-out, and manage the final solution. We provide this as a managed service including software development and solution upkeep, thus matching your roadmap and business strategy.
  • For a licensed software solution, we start with an accelerator framework as a base and then build out your specific solution.  Upon completion, ThoughtFocus hands over the turnkey private labeled solution for you to host and manage in your data center. In such cases, we license our IP, providing software development and support services on an annual maintenance mode.

ThoughtFocus continues designing core fundamental blocks addressing common industry scenarios, thus enhancing our framework portfolio which can be leveraged to accelerate your projects for a quicker go-to-market and ROI. Utilizing this portfolio we continue to offer more enhanced and comprehensive solutions in our PaaS model. Below are some sample frameworks:

  • FocusCONNECT: transaction acquiring and routing gateway providing a processor agnostic interface to mobile payment solutions and other transaction processing apps
  • FocusPAY: private label ready customizable POS application for mobile devices
  • FocusLOYALTY: comprehensive loyalty processing platform which is private label capable and fully customizable to support single vendor and multi-partner coalition loyalty programs
  • FocusTRANSACT: transaction acquiring processing platform for entry-level processors certified by card associations
  • FocusLINK: enables third party automation integration to the processing platforms up to the certification stage before human intervention becomes necessary

With this evolving innovative business sector introducing and adopting new technologies and solutions, ThoughtFocus is aptly positioned to support and enable you to become a complete business solution provider. Our multi-prong strategy is to establish the company as a leading-edge payment and loyalty services and solutions provider. We are aggressively growing our domain and professional services expertise. Our team will technically solve your problems while adhering to business strategies, best practices, and regulatory standards.

Overall, with a comprehensive growth plan and investor support, ThoughtFocus’ goal is to be a one-stop shop professional services to turnkey solutions organization for your technology needs.