Private Equity (PE) firms currently manage $1.5 trillion in assets

It’s an exciting time in Capital Markets. More money is pouring into alternative investments today than at any other time in history. But many players in this space are not capitalizing on these opportunities as their systems and people are overwhelmed by the demands.

Or they are losing out to their competition who have ramped up their technology and optimized their processes. Meanwhile, executives are still facing constant pressure to increase revenue, margins and lower costs. We can help you manage your operational and technology processes while you focus on your core investment strategies.

We provide the answers to:

  • How do you ensure your technology, people and processes are ready to capitalize on these opportunities?
  • How do you keep the lights on while freeing up precious in-house resources to seize the opportunities and add value to your organization?

Our Solutions, Components and Capabilities

Vendor customized applications with implementation and integration

  • Advisory and strategic partnerships
  • Investor portals
  • System evaluation – selection and implementation
  • Software development lifecycle
  • Software framework solutions
  • Systems integration
  • Data warehouse
  • Security master
  • Business function
  • Operational reporting
  • Deals management
  • Expense management
  • Expense allocation
  • Onboarding
  • Fund accounting and partnership accounting

Why Private Equity Clients choose ThoughtFocus

  • ThoughtFocus’ “end-to-end” capabilities meet Capital Market client objectives. As Private Equity/Alternative Investment managers move to improve flexibility and cut costs, ThoughtFocus has responded with services offerings to manage your infrastructure at much lower total costs. We build interfaces to common industry platforms including Investran, and Salesforce, etc. and provide you with managed services for fund accounting, master data management, and other core business processes to improve responsiveness and reduce overall cost.
  • We mitigate client risk by optimizing and automating processes. Our program evolves to meet changing business requirements, ensuring relevancy and usefulness.

Deep and trusted industry knowledge

Our dedicated team has decades of experience in executive level positions in the financial marketplace. We focus this prowess on achieving the business outcomes you want for your organization.

Innovative and reliable technology

We have the confidence of financial leaders like Blackstone for whom we perform a variety of services.
We manage risk by implementing robust enterprise solutions while enabling the firm’s resources to perform business operations utilizing optimized tools.

Unique and customizable offerings

Scalability, flexibility and the ability to deliver on changing business requirements lie at the core of our solution design.
We have developed proprietary IP to fulfill specific requirements.
We are the sole providers of managed services for Private Equity delivered through our Hybrid Captive Center (HCC) model. The HCC model optimizes trade-offs between cost and control while providing better quality talent, lower costs, reduced turnover and a broader range of services.