ThoughtFocus KPO reached a major milestone this year by completing 10 years of its journey. Since its founding, this industry leading team has provided an expanding solution set to a wide range of clients in the Insurance, Mortgage, Credit, Title, Finance, and Real Estate market sectors and industries.

In 2004 ThoughtFocus started as a technology company but by early 2006 our leadership team recognized the value of providing clients with back office services for their critical business operations. The idea of setting up dedicated centers for client operations was put forth with associated sales and marketing strategies developed around it. The long-term strategic vision was to help clients optimize and gain efficiencies for critical business operations by leveraging our global delivery capabilities. Boundaries were clearly defined by ensuring we focus on specific verticals and industries while providing the highest value expertise.

In Q1 of 2006, ThoughtFocus onboarded its first KPO client with a team of 10 associates by setting up a state-of-the-art delivery center in Mysore, India. Since then, the company has witnessed almost 100% year-over-year growth.

During this 10-year journey, ThoughtFocus KPO has

  • Proudly touched the lives of over 23 million Americans by processing their hazard risk insurance policies, credit verifications, title insurance, and much more
  • Provided approximately 20,000 employers with accurate background check reports to make wise decisions related to hiring talent nationally and internationally, and
  • Helped lenders close over one million mortgage and refinance loans in a timely and accurate manner by providing necessary information

In 2014, ThoughtFocus KPO globally expanded its operations by opening a state-of-the-art Philippines delivery center.  This center primarily caters to voice-based back office operations involving customer interactions and support functions.

ThoughtFocus K/BPO continues to grow rapidly. We are constantly evaluating various new industry vertices for expansion and growth. From industry experts and analytics, the K/BPO industry is projected to continue its high potential growth due to the challenge of scalability and talent availability in regions like North America. Our approach to managing a client’s business growth while mitigating associated risks has proven to be a rewarding model for our clients as well as their end customers.

We want to thank all of our clients, associates, and vendors for their contribution towards our sustained growth. We look forward to many years of expansion and success.