Introducing YANA

Powering Higher Education Student Success with Artificial Intelligence

Higher Education Institutions Face 3 Challenges

Student Retention | Engagement | Graduation Rates

60% of students require 6 years to complete a 4 year degree

54% of college & university dropouts felt stress and pressure
They felt unable to juggle payments, rent, tuition, and deadlines. YANA can help with reminders and alerts.

73% of college and university dropouts received bad or no advice
They took unnecessary courses, incurred more expense, and had clashes with classes and work. YANA provides useful information on evening, weekend and summer classes.

33% of higher education students complained of a lack of support services
Participation in a club, sport or activity are solutions to feelings of social isolation and detachment. YANA can offer suggestions for activities tailored to students' interests.

The YANA Solution

Our Mission:

Empower higher education students in the US to graduate within the shortest possible time, with the least expense, while enjoying the experience. Enable Higher education Institutions to increase retention and graduation rates and maintain and grow their brand equity.

Our Strategy:

Give students reliable, easy and quick self-service access to the resources they need to ace higher education and get the most out of campus life.

How YANA Works

  • YANA is a framework which uses IBM Watson’s cognitive computing. It integrates seamlessly with an Institution’s existing applications and data warehouse
  • It is customized for the institution and ramps up fast with a template driven approach
  • You can access YANA on iOS, Android, laptops, kiosks and Alexa
  • YANA works like a “virtual assistant,” using Artificial Intelligence, (AI) and natural language for conversations between people and its digital interface. Ask or text your question to YANA. You’ll be answered in speech and text

How YANA Can Help

Things You Can Ask YANA

YANA is an Advisor’s Best Friend

YANA Benefits Institutions & Students

  • Get improved graduation rates
  • Attract better quality and quantity of candidates
  • Increase prestige and ranking
  • Graduate in the shortest time to start a career
  • Incur the lease possible cost for a degree
  • Get the most out of campus life and build networks!

How One University Uses YANA

California State University (CSU Fullerton) customized YANA with their personal branding as “iTuffy”
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